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Exciting new mobile brochures at CRXpress  in 1 Minute!!

Make brochures for your business in just 1 minute on your Smart Phone with CRxpress.

Brochure that describes, demonstrates, sale your product. Digital Brochure instantly generated
through CR Xpress.

Today we use Mobile for almost everything in life Taking Photos, Listening Music, Shopping, Doing Bank Transactions, Accepting Payments. But when it comes to Official Communication We have no Choice but to open PC / Laptops Here is App which enables Official Communication on Mobile Brochure in 1 Minute. So Carry your letterheads in Mobile & don’t loose opportunity anytime. also Make appealing brochures with new customizable designs for Salon, Finance & Insurance.

You can also make brochures in any language English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati,etc.

This app will help you to create customised Mobile brochures  in 1 Minute & more than 30 Business Categories to choose your Business Category & design. Create impressive personalised Offers and send to your Customers within 1 minute. Communicate in style with your creative design. Stylish stationery designs for your personal and business communication anywhere anytime.Also, you can add map link of your business to your digital visiting card to make it easy for your customers to find you.

A Business app to design and send personalised digital marketing content like brochures, offers, visiting cards and many more.similarly you can Share Instant Digital Visiting card with smart icons linked to your social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, URLs of Website, Buy & Payment links and Personal Contact links like What’s App, Phone, Email.

Even you can share the design through E-mail, social media like Facebook, What’s App and with your contacts.

“Be sure to grab the best Opportunity and best price ! & Get your business benefited like others by using CR Xpress”.

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